by Stuffed Up

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self-recorded winter 2015/16 at our practice space in new haven, ct.


released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Stuffed Up New Haven, Connecticut

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four person punk band from new haven ct.

marty - guitar / vocals
mal - guitar / vocals
matt - bass / vocals
dan - drums / vocals

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Track Name: Summer Project
I'm starting a pop-punk band in the summer with my friends
Trying to stop thinking about meeting ends

At work I don't try
Hours pass by
Start to realize:
This is it until I die

Serving people could be all I ever know
Too tired to go to the show
Gotta change it up, gotta take a stand
That's why we're starting this pop-punk band
Track Name: Stuck
Stuck at a crossroads
Between adult shit and childhood
Stuck at a crossroads
Brain's set to explode

Quit skateboarding?
It's what keeps me sane
But I'm injured again
They don't feel my pain


I can't work like this
It'll kill me slow
Torn up inside
They will never know
Track Name: Grain Alcohol Slurpees
Hey there buddy, I'm feeling fucked tonight, and no, it ain't gonna be alright
Shoulda stayed by myself to mope, cause every minute here just kills more hope

Nightmare bar cruising, silent TV, keep boozing
And what did you say all last hour, just quasi rape jokes about unearned social power

But tonight I'm just another dumb drunk, and it's a night on the town of trying to stay fucked
I kinda wanna scream and I oughta run away, but you keep buying me drinks so I guess I'll stay

And I know, I'm a coward, I'm a failure, I'm a fool
But talking to you would be like spitting in this pool
Track Name: Understand
Stifled my sexuality
Misled by normativity
And shamed by teenage society
I buried it so deep

Don't let me keep quiet
It's been too fucking long
Help me to understand myself

Understand the toll it took
Silent years spent shook
Dive deep, gotta look
Understand every single nook

Track Name: Good Riddance
I found a note the other day, I don't want to say you're responsible
But how else could it have gotten there, you made me feel so bad

You could never say sorry
Wouldn't apologize
Were you just unable or did you not want to lie?

Someone told me that it doesn't get any easier with time,
but we grow a thicker skin and get stronger every day
It's amazing how much we can take but how much should we take?

Track Name: Westside Field
"Ricans run this" says the tag at West Side field
Youthful wishful thinking but I get the idea
And to the white majority in this town it might seem strange
But starting with this neighborhood maybe times are gonna change

Makes me think, back to when I was younger
And, if you can believe it, even fucking dumber

Back of the bus, headphones on, alone
You don't even want to talk, to anyone
Hear kids speaking a different language, and think:
That "this is America, am I right?"

Through your headphones punk bands are screaming at you
You. Are. Not. Right.